Wholesale ECommerce for Distributors

A Wholesale Buyer today expects online buying options and an experience like a consumer despite knowing that the nature of Wholesale ECommerce is much more complex than consumer eCommerce.

Bulk Buyers or Wholesale businesses like consumers now look for easy online processes for placing their orders and real time information for tracking of the execution till delivery and fulfillment.

Wholesale ECommerce is a subset of B2B ECommerce. A Wholesale eCommerce Platform allows the channel of manufacturers to distributors to dealers to retailers do business online at wholesale prices and pack sizes. It is an ideal solution for Business-to-Business organizations that regularly sell in bulk to customers who:

  • Buy the products for their own consumption like stationery or industrial consumables
  • Use the products as part of their manufacturing or production requirements like components or raw materials
  • Are Hypermarkets or Large Format Stores or Big Box Retailers purchasing large volumes and selling to consumers through their retail chains
  • Operate as distributors or wholesalers, stock and trade in the product and resell the product to dealers or retailers in smaller packs and quantities
  • Run standalone retailer outlets and sell single pieces to individual customers

Critical Requirements of a Wholesale ECommerce

It is known that most wholesale buyer inquiries pertain to stock availability, pricing and discounts, order processing, and shipment status. Origin Consultants based on their experience and involvement with B2B channels ensure that the following features are available for the success of your wholesale eCommerce site:

Support Current Customers and Your Sales Teams +

While a wholesale eCommerce site definitely gets new business relationships, it is important that it is built keeping the current customers and sales teams in mind. The self-service processes of product finding, volume-based price, online ordering, real time inventory and shipment tracking, credit limits and outstanding payments and transactions viewing should be easily understood and similar to the current processes followed.

Easy & Comprehensive Search +

You may have a large and complex product list. Customers should be able to search and filter to exactly what they need instead of having to browse your whole catalogue.

Real Time Inventory Viewing +

A wholesale eCommerce business cannot be successful unless the customers are able to view real time inventory. This is required by the wholesale buyers to commit availability and estimated delivery times to their buyers.

Custom Pricing or Volume Pricing or Cash Discounts +

Multiple price levels, volume and cash discounts are a standard feature of any wholesale business. Each customer should be able to log in and see customized prices and discounts which are specific to the client.

Trade Channel Compatible Payment Options +

Trade Channel Compatible Payment Options

A large volume of Wholesale ECommerce happens on credit and credit limits assigned to each customer. Offering credit payment options in addition to the usual options of bank payments, card payments and Cash on Delivery will help the business.

Order and Shipment Tracking +

Customers must always be able to view the stage of order processing and shipment status. Options of editing un-executed orders can be made available if required.

Easy Re-ordering +

Most wholesale buyers repeat orders for products they buy regularly with a few changes like quantity or delivery locations. The Wholesale ECommerce platform should allow them this ease of reordering with minor changes.

Transaction History +

This allows you customers the option to view all transactions including orders, invoices, debit notes, credit notes, incentives, unpaid and overdue bills, credit limits and credit balance in a self-service mode.

Contact Origin Consultants to set up a successful wholesale eCommerce platform for you if you are a manufacturer, trader, importer, or a distributor who does wholesale business.