Services ECommerce for Intangible Products

Services ECommerce is the selling of non-physical or intangible products online. When people think ECommerce, they think of selling products online and rarely do they visualize selling of services or digital products online. It is only a matter of time before all services will be booked and sold online.

Who would have thought that services like cab booking, ticket booking, doctors’ appointments and food delivery will be successfully run as ECommerce Services? Origin Consultants help clients in successfully setting up online B2B and B2C E-Service businesses.

Services ECommerce can be an exclusive business like consulting or online tutoring or downloadable digital music. It can be an add on to a primary product business like eCommerce of air conditioners (product) and their Annual Maintenance Contracts or AMC (Service).

Unlike eCommerce for physical products where it is mandatory to hold stocks, an online business of Services ECommerce can be effectively conducted without holding any stock or inventory or even any of the associated overhead costs like warehousing, packaging and physical shipment.

Due to the complex needs of a service delivery, customers normally speak to the service provider before placing their order.  Also, since the service needs of each client would be different it is exceedingly difficult for service providers to have a standard price list for their services.

Origin Consultants Expertise in Services ECommerce by Industry

  • Charities & NGOs for Donations
  • Clubs and Gymkhanas for Memberships
  • Digital Product Companies for Audio Content, Photo Content & Video Content
  • Education & Training Industry for Art and Craft Sessions, Online Classes, Lessons & Seminars, Online Tutoring, Personalised Coaching, Online Workshops & Programmes
  • Employment Services for Career Consultations, Jobs and Employment Sites, Resume Templates for Job-Seekers and Resume Writing Services
  • Finance & Accounts Services for Financial Planning
  • Gifting          Industry for Digital Gift Cards, Experience Vouchers and Cash Vouchers
  • Health & Fitness Industry for Online Personal Training and Workout & Nutrition Plans
  • Printing & Publishing Industry for E-Books, E-Courses, Proofreading & Editing and Translation Services
  • Professional Services Organizations for Appointment Bookings, Consultancy Advice, Creative Designs and Logos, Technical Design Services and Virtual or Remote Staff or Support
  • Technical Services Companies for Annual Maintenance Contracts, Breakdown Services, and Installation Services

Irrespective of what Services your organization delivers, Origin Consultants can help you build a Services ECommerce platform, address all your online business issues, and help identify and reach out to your target audience.