ECommerce Search Engine Marketing – SEM

ECommerce SEM, or ECommerce Search Engine Marketing, is the execution of a well-planned strategy for paid online advertising to increase search visibility.

The objective of ECommerce Search Engine Marketing is to gain website traffic for your product, category, and collection pages by purchasing ads on search engine advertisement platforms. Google and Microsoft Bing (which includes Yahoo & MSN) are the two most popular Search Engines where brands can place advertisements that are displayed to users in their search results. Google Ads is the most popular platform for paid search followed by Microsoft Advertising. With the right SEM strategy and campaigns an organization can:

  • Generate new leads
  • Sell products
  • Build their brand
  • Divert traffic from their competitors

ECommerce SEM Keywords

Targeting the right keywords to ensure that your products, categories, and collections appear at the desired position on the search engine results page is the most critical factor for effective ECommerce SEM. When users of search engines search for these keywords or phrases they will see your ads.

Both SEO and SEM are critical components for any ECommerce online marketing strategy. ECommerce SEO is a powerful way to drive evergreen traffic at the top of the funnel (High Search Volume Keywords), while ECommerce SEM a highly cost-effective way to drive conversions at the bottom of the funnel (Commercial Intent Keywords).

The Target Keywords that can be used in an ECommerce SEM campaign are:

  • Broad Match Keywords
  • Phrase Match Keywords
  • Exact Match Keywords
  • Negative Keywords

ECommerce Search Engine Marketing Targeting

Through SEM Targeting, you choose:

To Whom your ads will be shown – using demographics like age and gender.

In which Locations will your ads be shown – using pin codes or geographic areas.

At what time will your ads be displayed – using times of the day and/or days of the week.

On which devices will your ads be viewed – by specifying devices like mobile phones, desktops, or tablets.

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