Sales Force Effectiveness & Revenue Generation

The dynamic market scenario and strong competition has resulted in all progressive organizations reviewing their Sales Force Effectiveness.

Customers are more demanding and there is a huge pressure on prices leading to decreased profit margins. Add to this a dearth of talented and driven sales talent. All this makes it imperative for organizations to have strong sales teams with efficient sales processes and methods.

We are approached by Clients who usually ask us the following questions about how to improve Sales Force Effectiveness:

  • What are the methods to improve the performance of your sales teams?
  • Ways to shorten sales cycle and increase sales through organizational restructuring?
  • How to improve sales processes and reporting systems?
  • What is needed to design an effective sales team strategy?
  • How to implement effective compensation models?
  • Which is the ideal Reward and Incentive Scheme for your Sales Team?
  • How to develop a Sales Performance Management System?

Improve Sales Force Effectiveness Now

Origin Consultants Sales Force Effectiveness Practice helps businesses ignite their sales growth through consulting services in Sales Organization Strategy, Sales Talent Strategy, and Sales Performance Management System, Sales Rewards and Incentive Program, Sales Compensation Strategy:

We help clients across industries in improving sales performance with the following strategies and tactics:

  1. Sales Division Restructuring, definition of roles and responsibilities, and the redesign of sales processes and approaches.
  2. Ensuring that the right processes and key sales enablers are in place to optimize the Salesforce effectiveness.
  3. Increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of sales processes by aligning them with the customer strategy throughout the sales cycle and thereby increasing sales gains.
  4. Providing a guideline for Talent Acquisition of Sales Staff possessing strategic competencies and the sales skills required by the organization.
  5. Devising compensation strategies for the sales team based on industry benchmarks.
  6. Identifying and defining Key Performance Indicators for the Sales Function, in line with strategic and financial targets
  7. Designing the Performance Measurement Metrics and Review Mechanism for the Salesforce.
  8. Establishing attractive and innovative Rewards and Incentive Systems to improve Sales & motivation of the Sales team.

Reach out to us for your sales growth concerns, sales compensation, rewards and incentives challenges, sales talent issues, sales team behavior misalignment, or sales organization improvement initiatives.