Retail Performance Appraisal

Origin Consultants have been often asked by Retail Organizations both large and small to design, implement and run an effective Retail Performance Appraisal that will measure, evaluate, and recognize employee performance regularly throughout the year.

Retail Organizations globally are faced with cut-throat competition and are focused on developing business strategies that set them apart and drive profitable growth. The current market scenario demands a proactive approach where all operational aspects work together to reach and exceed corporate goals.

Retail Organization Head Offices and decision makers have far less direct contact with their customers. Usually the Regional Managers and Store Managers run their stores while the responsibility for procurement and marketing lies with centralized buyers and merchandisers, with several layers of staff in between. This creates a distance between headquarters and consumers. A well-designed Performance Management System can effectively reconnect decision makers with both the consumers and key data. Also, retail employees are the actual drivers of the business in their own locations. Their success and productivity directly affect both the top line and the bottom line of the organizations P&L.

Here is what we do for our Clients’ Retail Performance Appraisal

  • Help set up an effective performance appraisal system for Retail companies that will drive more customer centric service and better store performance
  • Design an Appraisal and Review Process that aligns employee goals with the business priority of exceptional customer service and higher sales. And this, in turn drives retail business growth.
  • Ensure right people processes are put in place to support performance practices.
  • Identify top performers and non-performing employees.
  • Set up Performance Improvement Plans for under-performing employees.
  • Empower and train employees to self-track their performance.
  • Recognize and acknowledge the achievements and contributions made by employees.

Origin’s Performance Management Experts help Retailers effectively use performance management to deliver higher levels of service and motivate the entire workforce right from the front line store sales employee to the operations and management employees.