Professional Search and Headhunting

Whether your hiring needs revolve around any Organizational Change or an Expansion Plan or Entry in New Markets or New Products, our Professional Search team will work towards getting the most suitable talent for your company.

Origin Consultants are committed to the success of all its clients and thus every Professional Search engagement is allocated the best team based on industry, geographic and functional expertise required. We are focused on identifying and recruiting the best fit for your organization.

The confidential nature of the Search Business needs a high degree of professionalism. We thoroughly understand the nature of the job, candidates’ real versus perceived skills sets, the hiring organizations’ culture and belief systems, and candidates’ career motivations. It is this professionalism that brings success to each assignment and the overall business.

Origin Consultants’ Search Process is designed to identify the best candidates available, to initiate contact, to interview those interested and to bring to fruition through an appointment, candidates who will achieve the objectives of the role.

The Stages of our Professional Search Process

  • Assessment of The Open Positions

This involves extensive consultation about the client’s needs. We start by developing a comprehensive understanding of the organization, the culture, business goals as well as job requirements. As a part of the search assignment our consultant conducts a detailed interview with the client organization’s hiring manager and management team to develop a full understanding of the position to be filled and the profile of the executive to be recruited. A summary of this understanding along with the scope of services, general timetable, and a statement concerning our policies is communicated to the hiring manager at the outset of the engagement.

  • The Job Opportunity Package

Here we define the objectives of the Open Mandate and arrive at an ideal candidate profile. At the same time, we put together literature and strengths of the role and company that accurately explains the opportunity to interested parties.

  • Search Strategy & Employer Brand

A specific search universe is drawn up and agreed along with the client. This step of the process it defines the direction of the search. At this point the positioning of the Employer Brand is also designed.

  • Talent Research & Sourcing

For each search, our research is original and specific. Once the search strategy is determined our Research Team begins to target and source the widest possible audience of achievers to match the requirements, targeting organizations identified as likely employers of potential candidates. In addition, proprietary, commercially available databases and our Talent Networks are accessed for sources of potential candidates.

  • Advertising & Communication

It is sometimes appropriate for the appointment to be advertised in carefully selected media. This elicits applications from candidates who may not be readily identifiable through the research processes.

  • Initial Screening of Applications

Applications are thoroughly screened and examined for their qualifications, employment track record and strengths and weaknesses.

  • Evaluation & Interviewing

A thorough evaluation is done of each potential candidate’s suitability for, and interest in, the position by conducting one or more in-depth interviews (in person, by telephone or video conferencing). 

  • Qualifying & Assessment

After verification of credentials and assessment of the individual’s strengths and weaknesses with respect to the position, qualified candidates together with their profiles are presented to the Client.

  • Interview Facilitation & Selection

We facilitate and, as appropriate, attend candidate-client interviews. After each interview, feedback is obtained from both the client and the candidate. Interest levels of candidates are carefully monitored. We provide feedback, discuss areas of concern about the opportunity and work closely with you to achieve the best possible result.

  • Offer to On-boarding

We facilitate the offer negotiations to ensure that the client has the best opportunity to engage the selected candidate, and simultaneously prepare the candidate to accept the offer. Thereafter we stay in touch with both the client and the successful candidate to assure an orderly transition from offer to onboard.      

This Search Methodology combined with our deep experience and global network, gives our clients unique access to the absolute best candidates for their organizations.

Origin Consultants is obsessed with excellence and we insist on delivering the best. We understand that our clients place complete trust in us to identify and place the most suitable candidates for them. At the same time candidates also trust us to find them the best fitting job. To promote a successful search, we aim to live up to the expectations of both.

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