Productivity of Work From Home Employees

When it comes to work from home teams, there are many challenges. However, one concern that plagues employers and employees is how to measure productivity of work from home employees?

Measuring productivity of work from home employees is on top of the list for all business owners. Many research studies have reported that employees working from home are more productive than those working in an office. But how do you know if your work from home employees are as productive as you need?

Origin Consultants believe that well defined Key Performance Indicators for remote workers must be established to effectively measure their performance. We do not recommend a huge number of key performance indicators for every role because these are the key indicators. One must focus on the big metrics that impact the business goals.

KPIs are immensely useful to measure productivity of work from home employees and to track their performance. Additionally, well-designed KPIs will allow remote employees to see how their performance and accomplishments affect the overall success of the organization.

A good Productivity metric is something that the employees can influence or control and is directly tied to the business goals.

KPIs for remote employees must be truly clear and precise. It is imperative that performance KPIs are clearly defined and communicated to all work from home employees. Leaders must explain to the remote employees, how to interpret their respective KPIs. This is critical because if employees do not know which factors or attributes they are being evaluated on, then they will not work towards improving those aspects of their daily performance.

Metrics Than Can Be Used To Measure Productivity Of Work From Home Employees

Here are some examples of the metrics than Origin Consultants recommend to measure productivity of work from home employees and can be easily tracked by both the manager and the employee:

Sales Function

  • Number of Outbound Calls or Contacts Established in A Day / Week /Month
  • Number of Leads generated
  • Lead Conversion Rate
  • Average Customer Order Value
  • Repeat Sales Orders
  • Customer Retention
  • Number of Customer Acquisitions
  • Value of Business Generated

Customer Support Function

  • Average Call Time
  • Number of Complaints received
  • Number of Resolved Tickets
  • Turn Around Time
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey Scores
  • Call abandonment rates

Marketing Function

  • Total Leads Generated / Campaign
  • Cost Per Lead
  • Cost Per Customer Acquisition
  • ROI / Campaign
  • Customer retention rates
  • Customer Lifetime Value

Software Development Function

  • Code delivered
  • Code churn
  • Time to complete project
  • Average number of bug fixes required
  • Deadlines hit or missed

Choose KPIs that matter and have high impact on the business. Moreover, work from home employees are quite likely to experience burnout if they keep working only for the sake of working. But if there is a goal associated with their on-the-job performance, remote employees will be driven to meet the expectations that have been established for them.

Performance Metrics that align with the remote employees’ primary job functions are remarkably effective at raising motivation levels. Work from Home Employees will be more than eager to complete their daily tasks when they know that many aspects of their performance have a direct correlation to how they are being evaluated by their managers.

Productivity metrics when applied effectively, boost employee performance and employee motivation as they attach daily job functions to the larger organisation goal.

Contact Origin Consultants to establish efficient metrics to measure productivity of work from home employees and managers of your organization.