Employee Performance Improvement Plan

An Employee Performance Improvement Plan is a formal document focused on improving performance through talent management and a specific performance improvement strategy.

What happens when some of your employees are not performing well or reaching their full potential?

The domino effect of their performances and behaviors is eventually felt by not just their direct managers, but also by the entire team and the organization. Will firing those employees help? The answer is, No.

We urge our clients to consider a formal and structured approach to address this issue than replacing these employees. Implement effective Employee Performance Improvement Plans (PIPs) to resolve non-performance of employees.

PIPs provide employees with a clear idea of where they are lacking and what they need to do to improve their performances. Thus, through PIPs you communicate to the employees that their performance matters and you that understand their individual challenges.

Traditionally, Employee Performance Improvement Plans were used only with under performing employees, however Origin consultants feels it is a very useful tool even when used for employees who wish to transition into higher-level roles or move laterally into roles that they feel they are better suited for. It is also an effective tool to be used when employees are on a probationary period.

How To Implement Employee Performance Improvement Plans

Origin Consultants Performance Improvement Teams have been advising organizations to design, implement and monitor effective Employee Performance Improvement Plans. Our structured approach answers all your concerns regarding PIPs like:

  1. When to implement an Employee Performance Improvement Plan?
  2. What are the benefits of implementing an Employee Performance Improvement Plan?
  3. How to Facilitate a Performance Improvement Plan Discussion Meeting?
  4. What Performance Improvement Templates, Review Forms and Action Points to use for the PIP?
  5. What are the common mistakes your Managers must avoid when discussing Performance Improvement Plan with an employee?
  6. How do you set performance expectations, goals and deadlines so that you help those you know could be performing so much better than they actually are?
  7. How will the Performance Improvement Plan help employees reach their greatest potential?

Origin Consultants custom Employee Performance Improvement Plans will help your employees reach their full potential. By investing time in these employee reviews, we develop active contributors and engaged workforce that increase productivity, reduce employee turnover, and achieve overall improvement in performance.