Consumer ECommerce or B2C ECommerce

With retail costs spiraling upwards and thousands of stores shutting down every year, Consumer ECommerce or B2C ECommerce will be the future of consumer product sales. Shoppers across the country are now familiar with online buying.

Retail bankruptcy and ease of buying online is changing the way consumer product industry operates. Consumer ECommerce or B2C ECommerce retailers are successfully growing their revenue and increasing market share.

If your organization deals in retail consumer products it is imperative that you add or upgrade your online platform. The trend among the most successful retailers is to operate a hybrid B2C model where both the Consumer ECommerce Online Store and the profitable brick and mortar stores operate together. The loss-making brick and mortar stores are shut down and the organization sees growth and profits.

Challenges in Setting Up and Successfully Running Consumer ECommerce Online Stores

Origin Consultants help clients in resolving the following challenges faced in setting up and running the Consumer ECommerce or B2C ECommerce Online Stores.

  • Your Online Store Must Be Found: Consumers today search for the products they need online, research a variety of brands and then make a buying decision.
  • The Consumer Must Visit Your Site: The search results should be such that the consumer is tempted to visit your online store.
  • The Site Must Be Easy To Navigate: The Customers should be able to browse, search and filter with ease to find what thy are looking for.
  • The Consumer Must See Value for Money: Product Presentation, Specifications, Quality and Price are the deciders for all online shopping by all customers.
  • The Online Buying and Checkout Process Must Be Easy: From product selection to payment ease of operation is key, else the customers abandon the purchase process. The customer should not be asked to complete tedious forms and taken through multiple pages.
  • Post Order Communication Must Be Quick and Clear: The Order and Delivery Confirmation communications should be immediate and clear to provide an assurance to the customer.
  • Customer Must Be Able to Track the Status of The Order: One of the biggest reasons for customer dissatisfaction is that they have no clue as to what is happening to their orders.
  • Execution & Delivery Must Be On Time: Delays in delivery equal loss of repeat orders. Timely or before time deliveries mean happy customers
  • Returns Must Be Free and Easy: An easy to return and free return policy gives customers the confidence about your product and company.
  • Must Maintain Customer Relationship After the Sale: Post sale communication and support ensures referrals and additional business

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