Business ECommerce or B2B ECommerce

Business ECommerce or B2B ECommerce is where business to business transactions happen over an ECommerce platform. These electronic transactions for the ordering or sale of products happen between two companies. Origin Consultants when designing a Business ECommerce Solution keep the following requirements of business customers in mind:

  • There are multiple decision makers in an organization, and all are involved in the buying process
  • The relationship between the seller’s employees and the buyer’s employees is a formal business relationship
  • The buying cycle could be short for consumables but exceptionally long for project purchases
  • The products supplied could be standard products or manufactured to client requirements
  • The prices may not be the same for all customers. Most B2B businesses have customer specific pricing depending upon the relationship with the buying organization
  • Payment terms could be complex and vary from advance to part advance to on delivery or even credit sales
  • The volumes ordered are normally large and could even be in truckloads or containers
  • The orders could be for one-time delivery or staggered deliveries
  • The orders are normally repeated with changes in quantity or specifications
  • The relation between the two organizations is defined by a purchase order or a contract where the terms of business are clearly defined

Advantages of Business ECommerce or B2B ECommerce

  1. Better Reach: A B2B eCommerce site makes it easy for your prospective buyers and customers to search for the products they are looking for.
  2. More Business Opportunities: Most B2B buyers research online when they are looking for a new supplier. Such potential customers will be able to find you through search engines and you will get Leads, Inquiries and Requests for Quotes Online.
  3. Supports the Sales Team: The ECommerce platform helps as a comprehensive catalogue for the sales team where they can check specifications, stocks, and availability from anywhere. They can also check the status of a customer order 24/7 irrespective of whether the office is open or closed.
  4. Increases Brand Awareness: Once the organization details and product details are posted on an ECommerce Platform with proper SEO (search engine optimization) your target industries will get to know about your brand, products, and services.

Origin Consultants can help you set up and run your Business ECommerce of B2B ECommerce site. Contact us today for a discussion.